Active Holidays

Possibilities for recreation and active holidays

Active Holidays

Besides beaches the advantages of this place are line of possibilities for recreation and sports.

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Zorica Skarica 01.01.2016

Villa SUNCE Villa SUNCE apartment house is situated on the most beautiful part of the Adriatic coast, in a small place called Duce, which is a part of the Omis Riviera.

In Duce you can spend carefree and pleasant vacation. The advantages of this place are always clear sea and line of sandy beaches and a line of possibilities for an active holiday: motor boat cruising, jet-ski cruising, surfing, sailing, water-skiing, diving, rafting on river Cetina, kayaking, canyoning...

Little distance from atractive tourist centers (Split 20 km, Omis 2 km, Makarska 35 km) are convinient for unforgettable evenings out in many discoteques, restaurants and various tourist contents which abound in this region in tourist season. But the other thing is very important too, you will be so close but yet enough far away from everyday fast lifestyle and a tourist industry.

As our family has for decades been trying to provide our guests with the best service possible, we are constantly striving to improve our accommodation facilities, and offer our guests the possibility to enjoy in active holidays offer of this part of Dalmatia.

The nearby sandy beach offers plenty of possible activities. Even there we have decided to give our guests something extra. Among other things, you can rent pedalines and small boats, which the guests of our house will be able to use at lower prices.

Due to its unique position and beautiful sandy beaches with long shallows, the small place Duce represents a natural phenomenon and one of the most important tourist destinations on the entire coast of Central Dalmatia.

Sports & Recreation

rent a boat Crystal clear sea except for swimming and sports, is great for diving and sport fishing also. If you enjoy active holiday, here you can jogg on the beach, go in the diving school, or visit islands, Brac and Hvar, enjoy in fish picnic, explore karst or old villages driving the bike, joining us in the swimming marathon in Omis, waterpolo in Orij, volleyball in Duce and Omis, climbing on the stones in Omis..

The impressive canyon of the river Cetina offers innumerable possibilities of adventure tourism, but also the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature in an excellent restaurant right by the river.

If you like canyoning, trekking, rafting, riding mountain bikes or you want to spend day or couple of days in nature, a vast number of specialised adventure touristic agencies can offer you various touristic adventures and trips in area of old Poljica (specially is canyon of river Cetina).

Adventures on Cetina river


rafting Rafting is a discipline specially designed for the adventurers. As a combination of adventure, sport and fun, has reached its top success just here, in Omis, as the best place for rafting, either for the beginners or for the experts and old fans.

Rafting requires physical strehgth, strong willpower and swimming skills to raft down the foaming wild river. By obeying skipper’s instructions on how, when and how hard you need to paddle, or when do you have to throw yourself at the raft and hold tight, you will experience an adventure tour that will stay in your memory for long time.


canyoning Thousands of years the Cetina River has been flowing persistently through the canyon, creating magical shapes in its bed. Crystal clear and pleasant for swimming, Cetina River today represents the genuine experience of the intact nature with its 180 meters high cliffs, wild rapids, basins, lakes, subterranean tunnels and a 50 meters high waterfall called Gubavica.

After instructors provide you with a life-jacket, a helmet, a long neoprene pants and jacket, the small expedition is ready for the unknown. You'll slowly go down the canyon while the sound of the river amplifys, so after a ten-minute walk you find yourself deep in the canyon carved by Cetina river. You walk through the river and rapids, pass through subterranean tunnels, swimm in natural river basins, bypass waterfalls and lakes.. That is canyoning experience!


zipline Zipline is an adrenaline entertainment where guests descend through the canyon down the steel wire rope, secured with a belt. Zipline is located 3 km from Omis, in the canyon of the Cetina River and consists of eight wires total length of 2100m. Adventure also includes training and a short walk in nature.

During the walk, you can enjoy the beautiful, almost untouched nature and stunning views of the Cetina river canyon. Depending on the size of the group, zipline gives you up to three hours of unforgettable fun and beautiful nature.

Culture & History

Omis In evening hours a lot of cultural acts in the town of Omis will offer happy moments that you can't forget. Concerts, various acts on open, local festivities, specialy this, ours, in Duce are unforgettable.

In Omis you can visit historical museum of town, and others historical monuments, music meetings, and trade mark of "Omis summer of culture" - Concert of Dalmatians folk songs you can't miss.

Cultural stuffs of 1700 years old Split, with oldest chatedral in World, st. Dujam, famous Dioklecians palace, where start every story about Split, you must visit it. For tourists Split offers perfect musical nights- "Splitsko ljeto", or summer of Split.

You can visit Dubrovnik (3 hours drive), with its stone walls and fortresses which make Dubrovnik famous and exceptional. Congregations have a chance to visit religious center Medugorje.


Dalmatia and Croatia richness is not only crystal blue sea or coast with thousand of islands, long sandy beaches and bays. Our traditional meals, fish, sweets and wines are well known among true gurmans.

Soparnik Orginality and simplicity of Dalmatian meals are in close relation with traditional and health surrounding of Dalmatian countryside. Soparnik is a Dalmatian vegetable pie that numerous families in Poljica like to eat.

Dalmatian cuisine relies heavily on the fresh fish and seafood that are caught (or farmed) offshore. Fish is usually grilled with local olive oil, garlic and lemon. Look for sea bass, grouper, scorpion fish, pilchards, mackerel, squid and sea bream.

Meat isn't forgotten either. Thin slices of smoked Dalmatian ham are often on the appetiser list. Lamb is popular either boiled or baked. Dalmatian pasticada is a meat stew (beef stuffed with lard and roasted in wine and spices) often served with gnocchi.

Dalmatian deserts are usually a simple matter, often involving dried figs and raisins, almonds, honey and eggs.

Fun & NightLife

Atractive touristic objects on the beach, coffee bars, fishermen nights, and all with modern lounge and ambient music or traditional Dalmatian songs, are only part of the fun things by which you can make your holiday better.

Shooko beach bar Duce

Duce you will remember by kindness and hospitality of their residents - your hosts. On this region there are many tourist workers wich give welcome to every visitor during the whole year. In one word, on apropriate way you will experience the nature and meet people who live with it, you will know their traditionals, food, spirituality and kindness.

While resting you will easily forget on the everyday worries and stress, and the young people (and the older too) pleasently and easly be able to fill the whole day with events. But, that is not all. So, come, meet Duce, meet Croatia. You will be pleasantly suprised.

Hotel Damianii Duce

A superb tourist oasis Duce stretches along the coast between the towns of Omis and Dugi Rat. It boasts of breathtaking sandy beaches 4 km long, encircled by rich Mediterranean vegetation.

Duce sandy beaches