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About Villa SUNCE apartment house located in Duce Luka (Omis Riviera).

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Zorica Skarica 01.01.2016

post img Welcome to the web site of Villa SUNCE owned by the Škarica family. As our family has for decades been trying to provide our guests with the best service possible, we are constantly striving to improve our accommodation facilities, and offer our guests the possibility to enjoy home-made specialties in the pleasant company of their hosts.

Our home is situated on the most beautiful part of the Adriatic coast, in a small place called Duce, which is a part of the Riviera of Omis. It is a four-floor house, with a ground floor, two upper floors and a loft. More details about accommodation can be found in accommodation section.

The nearby sandy beach offers plenty of possible activities. Even there we have decided to give our guests something extra. Among other things, you can rent pedalines and small boats, which the guests of our house will be able to use at lower prices.

Due to its unique position and beautiful sandy beaches with long shallows, the small place Duce represents a natural phenomenon and one of the most important tourist destinations on the entire coast of Central Dalmatia.

Only 3 kilometers away from Duce you can find the small medieval town of Omis, situated right under a ring of impressive mountain cliffs, at the very place where the river Cetina enters the Adriatic Sea.

post img It is precisely the river Cetina which, as the so-called pearl of the Adriatic, makes this part of the Croatian coast so unique and incomparably beautiful and by creating a connection between the sea and the continent provides a perfect setting for ecotourism.

The impressive canyon of the river Cetina offers innumerable possibilities of adventure tourism, but also the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature in an excellent restaurant right by the river.

Some 20 kilometers away in the other direction the ancient, 1700 year old town of Split is situated.

A superb tourist oasis Duce stretches along the coast between the towns of Omis and Dugi Rat. It boasts of breathtaking sandy beaches 4 km long, encircled by rich Mediterranean vegetation.

Duce sandy beaches